I bring over 17 years of experience working in education, including over 15 years of experience in instruction and 14 years of experience teaching online courses.  I have 9 years of experience in leading faculty development programming, 8 years of experience in developing blended and online programs in collaboration with unit heads, 6 years of experience in administration, including instructional services.  Efforts have resulted in over 40 blended and online degree programs, a national ranking for undergraduate and graduate programs by U.S. News World and Report, a 97% satisfaction rate among instructors for instructional services, and receive of the Sloan-C Fellow award in 2013 for “creativity in for exceptionally creative work in advancing blended and online learning in the K-12 and higher education environments.”


Management and leadership

Provided vision to the campus and system-wide committees to investigate and deploy emerging technologies, instructional practices, and innovative programs based on national trends, campus goals, faculty and student needs, and resources on the direction of learning technologies, mediated communication, and social technologies.

Exceled institution's national and international reputation for an emphasis on needs-based implementation of technology enhance learning through research efforts, intended to provide vision to the campus on the direction of learning technologies and facilitate innovative teaching and learning methods with the UWM teaching community, and disseminate this research at national and international conferences and in publications.

Enhance future development of online across the institution, including the degree array, use of new technologies in online degree programs, and external funding opportunities for curricular development.

Ensured quality of blended and online programs through leading the ongoing development and offering of the faculty development program for online and blended teaching, the certificate in online and blended learning, the innovative use of technology award, evaluation planning for online and blended, the online program council, and the online and blended teaching users group.

Provided strategic planning and oversight of the day to day functions of the staff in their mission to provide reliable administration of learning technologies, including tools such as the learning management system, student response systems, ePortfolios, digital media, eTexts, social media, and virtual worlds, and provide timely consultation to faculty and instructors seeking to use these technologies in pedagogically effective ways to improve student outcomes.

Delivered guidance to the staff, teachers, and researchers with advanced degrees in their respective disciplines and with many years of experience teaching and supporting technology-enhanced, blended, and online courses, in their efforts to support to instructors in their use of an array of learning technologies, in their managing of their technology projects, and in their research efforts to evaluate emerging technologies.

Led and conducted research with viable agendas for external funding and provide oversight of research staff.  Lead design of research studies studying applied problems, including the integration of quantitative and qualitative methods, instrumentation development and administration, data collection and mining, data analysis, and reporting.

Engaged in data and learning analytics, web data, data visualization, big data methodology, social network analysis, and other evolving methodologies in applied and theoretical applications fostering transdisciplinary research collaborations across units and institutions to establish a competitively-funded program and propel data-driven decision making.

Secured funding, including grants, and built vendor partnerships to explore innovation in teaching and research, including emerging practices and technologies, allowing UWM to be responsive to future trends.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Department of Communication, Milwaukee, WI
Lecturer, 2006-present
Associate Lecturer, 2004-2006

Taught Organizational Communication (online in 1/04) and Human Communication and Technology (online 1/05).

Carroll University, Department of Communication and Sociology, Milwaukee, WI
Adjunct Faculty, 2005-2008

Taught Organizational Communication (blended) and Communication Technology (blended).

Arizona State University, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, Tempe, AZ
Graduate Teaching Associate, 2000-2002

Taught Human Communication, Public Speaking, Conflict and Negotiation, Organizational Change, Technological Implementation, Communication Technology in Everyday Life (first online course, 8/01), and Organizational Communication.

Paradise Valley Community College, Paradise Valley, AZ
Adjunct Faculty, 2001-2002

Taught Human Communication

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Department of Communication, Milwaukee WI
Graduate Project Assistant, 1998-2000

Assisted in designing online course sites and materials for Business and Professional Communication and Interpersonal Communication, and participated in Faculty/TA grant project on technology-enhanced learning using a CMS and in campus-wide CMS evaluation.

Innovation projects

Led several innovation projects including planning, implementation, evaluation, dissemination, and diffusion. Many projects were grant or private funded. Most projects resulted in presentation and/or publication.

- Steelcase Innovation Hub Active Learning Classroom grant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2014 (PI)
- Ginkgotree, eText, OER, and Open Textbook Publishing pilot, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2013-2014 (PI)
- Internet2/EDUCAUSE eText pilot, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2012 (PI)
- UWM Mobile Learning Curricular Redesign grant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2011-2012 (co-PI)
- UW System Virtual Worlds Curricular Redesign grant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2011-2012 (co-PI)
- UWM Social Media Emerging Technology grant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2010 (PI)
- UWM ePortfolio pilot, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2009-2010 (PI, research only)
- UWM Second Life Emerging Technology grant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2008-2009 (PI)
- UWM Blending Life and Learning Initiative, Sloan-C Localness grant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2005-2010 (co-PI)
- UW System Podcasting Curricular Redesign grant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2006-2007 (PI, research only)
- UW System Student Response System (SRS) Curricular Redesign grant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2005-2007 (PI)
- MRA Computer-based Testing Program Implementation, Measurement Research Associates, 2002-2004
- NHU Web Site and Online Community Development, New-Horizons Un-Limited, 1997-2000

Faculty development

Designed and delivered faculty development programming for blended and online over a period of time for UWM, Sloan-C, and Carroll University as well as for several innovation projects listed above.

- UWM Faculty Development Program for Online and Blended Teaching, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2005-date
- UWM Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2009-date
- Textbook alternatives and OER with Ginkgotree, 2013-2014
- Active Learning Classrooms, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2014
- Sloan-C Blended Teaching Certificate Program, Sloan-Consortium, 2008-2012
- Social Media, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2010-2011
- Second Life, Virtual Worlds, University Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2008-2011
- Learning Management System, Desire2Learn, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2004-2009
- Learning Management System, Blackboard, Carroll University, 2005-2008
- Student Response Systems (SRS) or Clickers, University Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2005-2008